Guide for use of stress-relieving aromatic essential oils
November 18,2020.
In today's society, tangible and intangible pressures bring a lot of physical and mental distress to men. The use of essential oils "aromatherapy" has long been a health secret for many people. Not only beauty, skin care, but also many benefits such as relieving pain, curing diseases, and stimulating energy in the body. According to one's own condition, choose the essential oil that suits oneself, learn to relieve stress, eliminate health problems, and improve one's own quality of life.
Why do essential oils have such a great effect on the human body?

1. Essential oils are mostly packed in small bottles. As small as 3ml, 5ml, as large as 10ml, 30ml, 50ml. The small bottle body can bring us amazing results. What exactly are essential oils?

We eat food to get life energy, and the cellulose in plants does not have life energy. Essential oils are the life energy of plants. And most of them are liquid volatile organic mixtures with aroma. It is contained in the flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, roots, seeds, bark or trunk of plants in free form, and contains nutrients such as hormones, vitamins and antibiotics. It has the protective function of regulating temperature and preventing diseases. Therefore, we can use this feature of essential oils to repel pests and health care in our lives.

2. Why do essential oils have such a great effect on the human body?

Essential oils are plant essential oils with fragrance and volatility obtained from specific types of plants through special refining methods. Because essential oils are highly volatile and have small molecules, they can be quickly absorbed by the body and penetrate the body quickly Organs, and the excess components are excreted from the body. The fragrance of essential oils also directly stimulate the secretion of the pituitary gland, the secretion of enzymes and hormones, etc., to balance the body's functions. Plant essential oils have high concentration, high volatility, and high permeability. They are insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as grease and alcohol; plant essential oils have small molecules, are sensitive to light, and are not greasy. Because of the high volatility of plant essential oils, you must be very careful when handling or using them. The volatilization speed varies from plant to plant.

3. How do essential oils affect the human body?

There are two ways for essential oils to enter the body to exert their effects: one is smell, and the other is absorption through the skin. According to different needs and different conditions, choose how to use essential oils.

The sense of smell is the fastest way to absorb plant essential oils. It only takes a few seconds. It can not only improve the mood and mental state, but also regulate the endocrine system and immune system, and treat symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety, nausea, and nasal congestion. Has a very good effect.

The skin is absorbed through a professional body combing massage. Because the molecules of plant essential oils are very small, when they touch the surface of the skin, they will first be absorbed through the pores to reach the capillaries of the epidermis, and then be sent deep into the skin tissues to reach the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the body, and finally transport to the target organs. This process only takes about 20 minutes. "Once the essential oil reaches the target organ, it will stay in the organ and work for 6 to 8 hours. After the organ is used up, it will expel waste and excess essential oil through perspiration, urination, defecation, and exhalation."

4. Classification of essential oils

100% pure vegetable essential oils (pure essential oils): divided into single essential oils (also called single oils), compound essential oils (also called compound oils) and base oils (also called base oils).

A. Single essential oil (single oil): refers to a pure essential oil of a single species and without a formula, which can be used alone or in a mixed preparation, just like a single unformulated medicine.

TIP: The pure essential oils are very pure and cannot be used directly on the skin. Need to be used by base oil blending.

B. Compound essential oils (compound oils): refers to formula essential oils that have been matched with several single essential oils and are ready for immediate use. Generally, R&D manufacturers study the characteristics and chemical properties of various essential oils, and then combine them to make finished products. It is more convenient to use, just like a well-prepared medicine.

PS is safe and convenient to use, and has no side effects. It can be directly applied to the face, hands, feet and other parts with remarkable effects.

C. Base oil (base oil): refers to the pure plant medium oil used to reconcile one or several high-concentration single essential oils (not suitable for direct application on the skin). After the base oil is blended, it can be directly massaged. Use on the body.

3 ways to use essential oils

5. 3 usages of essential oils

A Massage method: Essential oils can only be used after being diluted and adjusted by the base oil. After massage, they can penetrate into the body and be absorbed by the skin. The consumption of essential oils is calculated as "drops", but the consumption of each brand is different.

B Bathing method: Essential oils can be used for bathing or foot bathing, but undiluted essential oils can sometimes damage the bathtub of certain materials. Stir the essential oils well before soaking. The water temperature should not be overheated, otherwise the essential oils will evaporate quickly. Relax and soak the whole body for about 20 minutes.

C Smell method: Put 5-10 drops of essential oil into the incense pottery lamp, add water and fumigate, or drip it on the facial tissue to sniff.

6. Misunderstanding of the use of essential oils

Misunderstanding 1: The frequency and amount of essential oils used the better

Using too many essential oils on your body is actually counterproductive. Essential oils are pure natural substances. Due to their high concentration, even after dilution, the more intensive the use, the better. The proper amount of use will make the essential oils work well, while too much will cause the burden on the kidneys. I feel unwell.

Misunderstanding 2: Essential oils contain hormones, and regular use will produce a sense of dependence

Essential oils are pure plant extracts without any additives. Unlike medicines or hormones, essential oils will not cause addiction or dependence on the skin. Because its function is to stimulate the individual's own potential and potential, not to replace function. The components of essential oils usually include basic chemical elements such as alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, oxides, and phenols. Each chemical element reacts in a specific way and performs its functions, thereby determining the efficacy of essential oils.

Misunderstanding 3: The essential oils for aromatherapy do not touch the skin, you can use cheap essential oils

The aroma of essential oils is as important as the effect of essential oils in regulating emotions and the effect of essential oils on organs. So don't mistake it for the essential oils for indoor aromatherapy as long as the aroma is offensive, and choose those cheap and inferior products. Inexpensive essential oils are often chemically synthesized. The "scent" simulated by this chemical composition can stimulate the nervous system, causing dizziness, chest tightness, and even nausea and vomiting. Not only is it useless to the body and mind, but it can also cause harm to the human body. .
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