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    Individual scent, individual you. More than 500 kinds high concentrated and long-lasting fragrance flavors, such as fruit scent series , flower scent series, grass scent series and any other similar popular branded market products scents and so on.
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    Healthy, organic and premium food flavors.
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    Natural, green and safe essential oils.
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    Menthol crystal and comphor powder, high quality food grade for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.
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hot products
Fragrance oil for making soap

Hot Sale Lemon Aromatic Essence for Soap Making

Fresh and nice lemon fruit fragrance oils, can be applied for fancy soap, liquid soap hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, and other personal care products.
pure rosemary essential oil

10ml Rosemary Essential Oils Gift Set for Skin Care

Free of herbicidal residue, pesticides and chemical fertilizer, our rosemary essential oils bring a perfect addition to your skin and hair care, aromatherapy and perfumery products.
Fragrance oil for making liquid soap

Herbal Scent Aloe Fragrance Essential Oil Aroma Flavor

Y&R manufactures all kinds of aloe fragrance oils, can be applied for liquid soap hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, and other personal care products.
pure lavender essential oil

2020 Hot Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil

We provide highest quality essential oil which is derived from steam distilling only the fresh Lavender flowers and no other part of the plant.
pure rosemary essential oil

50ml Compound Essential Oil For Hair Skin Use

100% pure and natural therapeutic grape rosemary essential oil, 50ml each bottle, 6 bottles each pack set, very suitable for hair care and aromatherapy.
Fragrance flavor

Natural Chamomile Oil Fragrance for Skin Care Usage

Nice herb aroma chamomile chamomile fragrance oils, can be apply for face cream and body cream, to keep skin moisturizing and hydrating.
Fragrance flavor

Original Raw Material Red Apple Essence Fragrance

Premium red apple, green apple and doubel apple fragrance oils,  very suitable for making scented candles.
Fragrance flavor

Factory Direct Green Tea Fragrance Used for Perfume Diffuser

Fresh and pleasant green tea fragrance oils are very suitable for perfume and diffuser application.
Fragrance flavor

Rosemary Fragrance Extracted From Plants for Making Shampoo

Herbal scent rosemary fragrance oils, plant extract and  keep long-lasting aroma for making shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, etc.
Fragrance flavor

Bulk Lavender Long Lasting Oil Fragrance for Liquid Detergent Products

Y&R can provide nice aroma lavender fragrance oils, highly concentrated and  keep long-lasting aroma on clothing.
Fragrance flavor

Indian Sandalwood Rose Fragrance for Incense Home Fragrance

Indian Sandalwood Rose Fragrance for Chemical Application, such as incense, reed diffuser etc...
Wholesale fragrance perfume oils

Deer Musk Fragrance for Making Lady Perfume

Deer Musk Fragrance for Chemical Application, such as perfume, scented candle, beauty soap, detergent laundry, dishwashing, air fresher etc...
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Y&R International(Wuhu) Industrial Ltd is an ISO9001 certified general industrial & trading company established in 1991. We are specializing in fragrance flavor, food flavor, essential oil and aromatic chemicals in China. Y&R has more than 5000 kinds of fragrance and flavors, provided professional service for more than 50 countries in the world. With our constant efforts to provide green, healthy, organic, high-quality fragrance and flavor are our mission.  Our products are in quality control of ISO,HALAL, REACH, KOSHER. We have excellent international chemical and perfuming teams from Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and China to provide customers with products and services more in line with their needs.Our factory is equipped with fully automated liquid production equipment, with an annu...
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  • 5000+ Optional Fragrance and Flavors
  • ISO HALAL KOSHER REACH Certifications
  • Professional technician support, Advanced R&D Ability
  • OEM and ODM Service
  • Free sampls and packaging design
  • Perfect after-sale service
Whatever you need, we will try our best to provide!
We can meet the diversified fragrance and flavor demands of all walks of life, and bring excellent experience in products.
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