• Tea fragrance oils

    Tea fragrance oils

    1. Green tea is made from the new leaves or buds of the tea tree without fermenting, and is made through processes such as curing, shaping and drying. It retains the natural substances of the fresh leaves, and contains tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, Nutritional ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins. The green color and tea soup preserve the green style of fresh tea leaves, hence the name. 2. Black tea, English is Black tea. During the processing of black tea, a chemical reaction centered on the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols occurs. The composition of fresh leaves changes greatly, and tea polyphenols are reduced by more than 90%, resulting in new components and aroma substances such as theaflavins and thearubigens. It has the characteristics of black tea, red soup, red leaves, sweet and mellow. 3. White tea is a micro-fermented tea, a special treasure among Chinese teas. It is named because the finished tea is mostly buds, covered with pekoe, like silver and snow. One of the six major teas in China. The white tea is processed after drying or simmering without cracking or twisting. It has the characteristics of complete buds, full body, fresh fragrance, clear yellow-green soup, and light and sweet taste. Our flavor not only has the smellof tea, but also the taste . Welcome to contact us,If you are interested in them!good day
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  • Essential Oil Safety-Wonderful and Powerful If Used Safely

    Essential Oil Safety-Wonderful and Powerful If Used Safely

    Essential oils are some of the most amazing products of our natural world - and I love being able to incorporate them into my soap and candle recipes. The oils of aromatic plants have been used for centuries for both their smell and their medicinal applications. But just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for you. Essential oils are powerful chemical compounds. They may smell wonderful but they need to be used (both by you, the soap and candle maker and by the people who will be using your soaps and candles,) carefully and conscientiously. All essential oils must be used with care, but here are 5 categories of essential oils that need to be used with extra care. 1.Sensitizing Essential Oils There are some essential oils that will cause skin irritation in people with very sensitive skin. They affect some folks, but not others - and not always right away. People can have no reaction to an essential oil for a while and then suddenly have a reaction. 2.Irritating Essential Oils Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for you. And just because something is good doesn't mean that more is better. There are some essential oils that can irritate the skin if used in too high a concentration. 3.Hazardous Essential Oils Though they may smell great, there are some essential oils that just need to be left alone...or at the very least, only used only by someone with significant essential oil experience. 4.Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy Some essential oils have hormone-like effects, others stimulate the uterine muscles, others are just plain toxic. My rule of thumb, especially when there is a growing baby to consider, is an emphatic "better safe than sorry." 5.Toxic Essential Oils There are a number of essential oils that have chemical components that, while completely natural, need to be used with caution. Some are just "photo" toxic - that is, they become toxic when exposed to the sunlight. Others are just plain toxic, and should be avoided. Use with Caution - but by All Means Use! With some basic understanding of some of the powers and effects of essential oils, you can use them safely and to great effect in your projects. There are many safe and affordable essential oils out there. Get some, share some, borrow some - and experiment!
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  • Industrial Fragrance and Food Flavor

    Industrial Fragrance and Food Flavor

    Fragrance is so important to our life,  according to the usage, fragrance can be divided into two tyeps: industrial fragrance and food flavor. There are many applications for industrial fragrance, such as beauty care, personal care, home care and fabric care. They are designed for the body, face, hair, home fragrance, scented candles, air fresheners, fabric fresheners , laundry detergents, incense, reed diffuser and so on. By adding fragrance to the product, we makes the fragrance elegant and reflects the main effect of the product, so that you can feel the comfort and warmth of home . As for food flavors, they can used for making drink, candy, cake, bakery food and ice-cream. (the range of application is subjected to GB2760) Little additive, good effect and long lasting aroma, make our food more delicious. All fragrances need to be diluted, can't use directly. Pls note that it can't be taken alone. That’s very important,  pls keep in mind.
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  • 2020 China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetics Industry of the 13th Academic Symposium Held in Suzhou
    Aug 19,2020.

    2020 China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetics Industry of the 13th Academic Symposium Held in Suzhou

    Facing the severe economic situation at home and abroad and the huge pressure on the industry from the raging new crown pneumonia epidemic at the beginning of the year. From August 13th to 14th, sponsored by the China Fragrance, Fragrance and Cosmetics Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") and co-organized by Suzhou Luye Daily Necessities Co., Ltd., the theme of "Response to Challenges • Start Again", "China Fragrance, Fragrance and Cosmetics Industry in 2020" The Science and Technology Conference and the 13th Academic Symposium were grandly held in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Association Chairman Chen Shaojun, Director Xiao Duyu of the Department of Consumer Goods of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant leaders attended the meeting; the meeting consisted of exchanges of cutting-edge science and technology and the latest industry regulations, seminars on hot issues in the fragrance and cosmetics industry, interviews with perfumers, and exchanges of new cosmetic technologies and achievements , The cosmetics formulator industry professional skills drills, commendation activities and academic seminars and other modules, rich in content, attracting companies from fragrances, cosmetics, raw materials and equipment, universities, research institutes and other units are responsible for technology Nearly 300 people, including R&D personnel, experts and scholars, attended the meeting. Mao Haifang, deputy director of the Engineering Research Center for Fragrance, Fragrance, and Cosmetics, Ministry of Education, Shanghai University of Applied Sciences, introduced the molecular level research of fragrance and fragrance technology and the prospects of intelligent manufacturing in the fragrance and fragrance industry with the topic of "Introduction to Frontier Science and Technology in the Fragrance and Fragrance Industry". Mr. Qu Xin, Director of Innovation, R&D and Technical Services for the Asia-Pacific Region of Ashland (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Dr. Chen Tian, Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd., focused on the relevant content of the Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulations, respectively Keynote speeches were made on the safety and efficacy of research and development and the efficacy and claims of cosmetic products. In the afternoon of August 13, in order to enhance the professional level of the conference, the conference was divided into two venues for the cosmetics and fragrance and fragrance industries. The special conference on the fragrance and flavor industry consists of two parts and is presided over by Cai Zhiqiang, Chairman of International Fragrance (China) Co., Ltd. The first part is a discussion on hot issues in the industry, focusing on the "R&D trend in the fragrance and flavor industry" after the epidemic. Professor Tian Hongyu from Beijing Technology and Business University introduced the trend of perfume synthesis technology-chiral perfume synthesis; Dr. Yu Y...
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  • Essential oils

    Essential oils

    Hello everybody!How are you today? Today,Y&R want to introduce our best selling essential oils to you. Here we go. Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots ,fruits or bark of plants by steam distillation, extrusion, cold-maceration or solvent extraction.Essential oils are extracted from natural plants and does not add any chemical ingredients, so it is widely used in cosmetic grade for skin care. 1. rose essential oils Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world and is called "after essential oils". It can adjust female endocrine, nourish the uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, and improve frigidity and menopausal discomfort. In particular, it has a good cosmetic and skin care effect. It can nourish and dilute the spots inside and outside, promote the decomposition of melanin, improve dry skin, and restore skin elasticity 2. Agarwood essential oil:the best point is that our oud raw material is imported form Southeast Asia.Agarwood essential oil is refined from precious agarwood after distillation and extraction, which is the essence of agarwood. Agarwood essential oil has multiple effects on the human body, such as: improving the aura, relieving stress, sleeping and anti-depression, regulating the body and mind, and promoting the body's metabolism. 3. Peppermint essential oil: the component extracted by water distillation or subcritical low-temperature extraction of peppermint. The mint flavor is refreshing, refreshing and refreshing. Indications: Clearing the throat and moisturizing the throat, eliminating bad breath, and has a unique effect of soothing the body and mind. It is one of ten essential oils for beginners and beginners. Of course, I have introduced so many essential oils to you. Natural essential oils are just a thoughtful gift to bring you help, but you still need to strengthen your own health. I wish you and your family have a happy life. At last,If you are interested in our essential oils, please come and leave me a message, I will give you a details!
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  • The Importance of Fragrance

    The Importance of Fragrance

    It is a known fact that the fragrance has effects on our emotions. Different flavors affect us differently. The importance of fragrance can really set our mood, and not just in a romantic way, but in a peaceful way, as well. There are fragrances designed for the production of peaceful action, soothing and calming feeling. We all like to smell good. Many people try a lot of perfume before finding the one that fits their mood. The truth is that scent can control emotions. The importance of fragrance is widespread and is found in almost everything we buy now. You might see an ad about soaps or perfumes, but both have one thing in common, and that is the scent. Below, we will discuss the main importance of fragrance and how it connects to our daily life. It’s used for domestic purposes Fragrances are Ideal for entrance rooms because it adds freshness to the atmosphere. Fragrances are also important for bathrooms because they make the atmosphere there to be nice. While it’s important to use fragrance in your home to add freshness to your home, it’s important that you shouldn’t add too much of it because it can make breathing uncomfortable for you. Also, keep fragrances away from areas such as kitchen and dining room. They are used in manufacturing of products Fragrances are added to many products because it makes them smell good.  They affect memory and emotions in the brain. If you feel good when you buy a product, you are likely to buy the product again. This is why many companies use fragrance in products such as soap, cigarettes, and air fresheners. It builds self-confidence Using a fragrance that suits your personality increases your chances of attracting future charming partners, it builds your self-confidence, lift your spirits and send a clear message to the people around you. Increases attractiveness Many people have the experience of getting attracted to someone just because of their scent. Fragrances can easily draw the attention of people because everyone likes good scents. Sometimes, even without seeing what the person looks like, some people may be attracted to a person, because that person smells good. Fragrances are used for medicinal purposes Fragrances create a pleasant and relaxing environment for patients undergoing health treatments. Fragrances like lavender scents are used in nursing homes to calm emergency situations. Fragrances are also used in hospitals to overcome bad odors. It is used for the treatment of insomnia One therapeutic effect of fragrances is that it helps people sleep better at night. Fragrance oils can help you relax and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep but remember not to use too much of it while you are sleeping. These are some of the main importance of using fragrances. If you would like to purchase fragrances for any purpose, you can visit Paradise Station and check out our fragrances. Our fragrances are of high quality, and we have all the types of fragrances available on our website. You can a...
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