• How to select the correct essential oils

    How to select the correct essential oils

    If you’re looking to get into essential oils, but aren’t quite sure where to start, we’ve compiled an extensive list on some of the most popular and beneficial ones. Keep reading to see which oils can best meet your needs. Types of essential oils Lavender This incredibly popular oil has all kinds of benefits. This subtly floral scent can help people to relax and sleep. Moreover, breathing it in has been found to help with alleviating headachesTrusted Source, while the use of the oil topically may help reduce the itching and swelling from bug bites. Safety: There are a few known side effects. These include nausea, headaches, chills, and vomiting. It can also irritate the skin if you have an intolerance. Roman chamomile Featuring a combination of a light floral and herbal aroma, this oil has the potentialTrusted Source to put your mind at ease when diffused and inhaled through steam. While this oil is great for calming the mind, it’s equally as useful on the skin, and has been foundTrusted Source to treat conditions like inflammation and eczema. Safety: Anyone allergic to daisies, marigolds, and ragweed should avoid using this oil altogether. Rose When the sweet, floral scent of rose oil is inhaled, it’s been shownTrusted Source to help reduce anxiety. Its antioxidant properties have also been foundTrusted Source to help treat acne and improve complexion for an overall younger look. Safety: Skin irritation can occur when used topically, so make sure to use more of the carrier oil if you want to reap the skin care benefits of rose oil. Hyssop This earthy, herbal, and sweet-scented essential oil can be used on the skin to help to minimize scarringTrusted Source, decrease inflammation, and act as an overall healing agent. Safety: Don’t use hyssop if you’re pregnant or have a history of seizures. Ylang ylang This flowery oil emits a spicy but sweet aroma, and has been suggested as an aid in relaxationTrusted Source, a self-esteem builderTrusted Source, and it even may act as a repellant toward certain insects. It’s frequently found in cosmetics and promises a laundry list of beauty benefits, including the treatment of combination skin and promotion of hair growth. Myrrh This sappy-smelling essential oil is said to treat skin issuesTrusted Source by relieving acne and cracked skin, and may even help treat athlete’s foot. Safety: Myrrh should never be taken orally. If you’re using it topically, take note that it’s been found to cause dermatitis. More serious side effects include heart irregularities and lower blood pressure. It can also increase the risk of miscarriage if taken by people who are pregnant. Vetiver Thesmoky, sugary scent of vetiver is often used in tranquil aromatherapy to boost your overall mood and calm your nerves. As for its antioxidant benefits, it’s been foundTrusted Source to help promote skin health and heal scars. Safety: Since it’s nonirritating and non-sensitizing it’s a great topical alternative for those who can’t handle other...
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  • Smell marketing: subtle aesthetics that cannot be seen or touched

    Smell marketing: subtle aesthetics that cannot be seen or touched

    What's the " Smell Marketing"? Do you think the coffee smell in Starbucks is really only from coffee? In fact, the strong coffee aroma that people smell in Starbucks stores is not all from coffee beans, but the product of scent marketing-the exclusive Starbucks aroma from the hands of perfumers. Similarly, the popcorn stalls in Disneyland will release the "artificial popcorn scent" when business is low, and soon customers will smell the fragrance. This marketing model, which is different from traditional taste and visual stimuli, uses specific smells to attract consumers' attention and memory is called smell marketing. The scientific journal Neuron once published a research report stating that among all sensory memories, smell is the least easily forgotten sensation. The data shows that people's accurate recall rate of smell can still reach 65% after one year. If you want to use the smell to form a unique brand mark, you need to make a scientific design based on the preferences of the target population, so that more people will like the brand because of the unclear taste and become loyal fans of the brand. For example, in the maternal and child product area of the shopping mall, the smell of baby powder will create a warm and comfortable feeling; in the swimsuit area, the smell of coconut will make you associate with coconut trees on the beach; in the underwear area, "comfortable lilac fragrance" "It is said that women can't help but walk into the fitting room. At the 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany, BMW placed a side-source diffuser in its showroom and chose a specially designed BMW fragrance. For a while, guests smelled the fragrance, making BMW's showroom crowded. Car buyers think that new cars have a special smell of brand-new leather, and it is this special "new car smell" that often stimulates consumers' desire to buy cars. The success of this scent marketing was later imitated by major auto manufacturers and 4S shops. The hotel industry is well versed in the secrets of odor marketing, so different hotels have their own signature odors. For example, the lobby of the Westin Hotel has a unique floral fragrance of white tea, the Langham Hotel has a floral fragrance of ginger, the Hilton Hotel has a combination of lily of the valley, grass and musk, and the Shangri-La Hotel has vetiver, rosewood and amber based fragrances. Each hotel has its own unique fragrance, the purpose is to let guests trigger olfactory memory the moment they step into the hotel, and get a subconscious feeling of being at home. If the smell in the mall is the marketing of the brand, that person's perfume choice is to highlight the individual's impression. The trend of the perfume market in recent years can be summarized as the decline of popular perfumes, star perfumes are no longer popular, and niche perfumes are becoming more and more popular. When both Diorgen and Chanel N.5 were reduced to "street fragrances", people naturally began to look for more...
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  • Chemical or Natural fragrance oils

    Chemical or Natural fragrance oils

    Many consumers talk about "chemical synthesis", and the natural flavor of the raw materials has always been the focus of dispute, but in fact, in the field of perfume, natural flavors are not necessarily better than synthetic flavors. 1. Natural flavors are derived from plants, animals and other materials, using distillation, supercritical carbon dioxide, and other methods to obtain fragrance substances from plants. In the past, perfumes were all made with natural essences. This phenomenon was not changed until the emergence of synthetic fragrances in the last century. 2. Natural flavors are usually more expensive than synthetic flavors, so many fragrance brands are more willing to claim to use natural flavors in order to create an organic and natural high-end image. But in fact, modern perfumes are mostly a mixture of synthetic fragrances, which shape the skeleton and flesh and blood of modern perfumes, while natural fragrances do not account for a high proportion, and may even contain no natural fragrances. Compared with natural fragrances, synthetic fragrances The type is rich, giving the perfumer great space; the fragrance is stable and not easy to change; it has little effect on human skin. Natural flavors are more likely to cause skin sensitivity and other adverse reactions
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  • Making Mosquito-Repelling Candles With Essential Oil Blends

    Making Mosquito-Repelling Candles With Essential Oil Blends

    Citronella essential oil is a great mosquito repellent in candles, but you don’t have settle for just that scent in your outdoor candles. There are a number of widely available essential oils that are also known to help repel mosquitoes including: 1.Citronella 2.Clove 3.Cedarwood 4.Lavender 5.Eucalyptus 6.Peppermint 7.Rosemary 8.Lemongrass 9.Rose Geranium Each oil has its own characteristics that blend differently with the citronella. Here are some blends to use as a starting point. If you don’t have a particular oil, feel free to substitute or adjust as you see fit. Each of the recipes has at least 1/3 citronella. Simple and Spicy A simple natural blend with the wonderfully sweet and spicy notes of the clove oil. 5 parts Citronella 5 parts Lavender 5 parts Clove Bright and Energetic Likewise a simple blend, but substituting the peppermint for the clove changes it into a bright, energetic, and sweet blend. 5 parts Citronella 5 parts Lavender 5 parts Peppermint Deep and Green A more complex blend with mostly “green” scents including wonderfully dark and smoky cedarwood. 10 parts Citronella 10 parts Cedarwood 5 parts Eucalyptus 5 parts Rosemary Sweet and Citrus Just a little lemongrass added to the mix blends well with the citronella. The rosemary and cedarwood add complexity and a base note to the blend. Note: The lemongrass has a fair amount of the same constituents as the citronella oil, the amount of citronella is reduced. 5 parts Citronella 5 parts Lemongrass 5 parts Lavender 5 parts Rosemary 5 parts Cedarwood Lightly Floral Here just a little bit of Egyptian Rose Geranium brings out the floral qualities of the lavender and balances out the citronella. 5 parts Citronella 5 parts Lavender 5 parts Geranium 5 parts Rosemary Remember, these are just starting points for your own experimentation. Enjoy your citronella candles and the outdoors! The original written by David Fisher
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  • Orange alert! Cold wave in China

    Orange alert! Cold wave in China

    Today's sudden drop in temperature will make many people feel the arrival of winter. Take the temperature in Beijing for example, it is around 10 degrees below zero in normal times. The difference is not small, and the cold wave has not stopped yet.An orange alert has been issued as a cold snap continues to affect China, prompting officials to give five defense points. Now that the orange alert has arrived and the cold wave continues to affect China, let's first take a look at what an orange alert is.A cold snap is a natural weather phenomenon.The orange alert is the highest level of cold wave warning in China, in case the cold air moves southward on a large scale, causing a wide range of sharp cooling and northerly winds. Warning standard is: in the next 48 hours to two or more provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the lowest average temperature in most regions or the temperature decreased by more than 16 ℃ with level 6 and above the wind, more than half of the area north of the Yangtze river basin and its average temperature or the lowest temperature will drop by more than 12 ℃, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river region in winter, spring and autumn jianghuai region) lowest temperature dropped to 4 ℃, local dropped below 2 ℃. To combat the orange alert, the China Weather Network now offers five defense guidelines: 1. Personnel should add clothes to keep warm;Be prepared for high wind and cold weather in production; 2. Doors, Windows, coarboards, scaffoldings, temporary structures and other structures that are easy to be blown by the strong wind shall be fixed, and outdoor goods that are easy to be affected by the strong wind shall be properly arranged; 3. Take shelter from the wind and inform outdoor operators to pay attention to safety; 4. Pay attention to the latest information about media reports on wind cooling in order to take further measures; 5. Traffic and public security departments should prepare for road icing according to their duties.
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  • Aromatherapy Christmas, a warm gift in winter

    Aromatherapy Christmas, a warm gift in winter

    There are many festivals at the end of the year Domestic traditional and western foreign Celebrating without care Domestic people celebrate christmas Mostly as Valentine's Day If you don’t have anything, just celebrate it as a shopping festival Its spiritual significance is greater than its actual effect Even because of uninterrupted work And a constant, boring life You will always need some Can have fun and happy days The festival happens to be another An excuse to connect well Christmas Also known as Christmas Day, Jesus’ Birthday Translated as "Christ Mass" Is a traditional festival of western religion Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church Celebrate as Jesus’ birthday And compared to the ancient festivals A stronger sense of sacrifice and ritual Modern people get rid of these constraints Preserve the pure festive atmosphere Pay more attention to life Christmas wishing candle Cup wax and column wax are small and exquisite Exudes a light floral and fruity fragrance After lighting, the fragrance gradually fills the entire space Time to accompany you to read a book No trace after leaving Scented candles are a must-have for westerners Candles are religious The choir in the church holds candles Is a sense of sacred ritual Aromatherapy is the quality of life Is a little happiness within reach Even if the wind and snow outside There is also a warm candlelight aroma at home
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